Ryegrass (Hybrid) Seed Perennial & Annual Lawn/Pasture/Turf & Forage Use supplier/exporter

The ESA Section for Fodder crops and amenity Grasses (SFG) addresses both fodder crops and (amenity) grasses.

The EU Seed Marketing Directive for fodder plants (1966/401) regulates some 40 different grass species and 6 different clover species. Grasses are used for fodder purposes (pastures and meadows), leisure (lawns, sport fields and golf courses) and landscaping. Clovers are mainly used for fodder purposes and landscaping but specific micro clovers are also used in amenity mixtures.

Grassland is the largest crop in the EU. It covers approximately 57 million hectares of permanent grasslands and meadows grass of a total of 173 million hectares Utilised Agricultural Area (UAA), which is 33% of the UAA.